Grab your cricket essentials!

As the second test in the Ashes series approaches, The Marlowes Shopping Centre presents all of your cricket needs for this season. Whether you're playing, watching, or training, you are sure to need something off of this list this summer.

With matches taking place for hours on end, every cricket lover will always need to carry around sunscreen. This Bioearth SPF50+ is sure to keep your skin from harsh burns. But in the case that you do end up burning, don't worry, use this H+B Aloe Vera Gel that'll cool down your skin in minutes! All are available at Holland and Barrett.

Perfect for family fun and training, this cricket bat, ball, and stump set from Tesco will surely keep the kids busy for the whole holidays.

If you're looking for a more professional approach, head to Sports Direct and buy a real cricket bat (like the one above), tailored to your height and arm strength. In-store, you'll be able to find a wide range of brands, grips, and bat grains- so it's certain you'll find the bat for you.

Also from Sports Direct, you can acquire all the necessary equipment needed for a hardball match: cricket whites, batting gloves and pads, and spikes.

So head on down to The Marlowes Shopping Centre before the end of the summer for all of your cricket needs!