Tinies Crèche now open

In line with government guidance, Tinies Crèche re-opened on 10th August in a safe and controlled manner, offering you 1.5 hours free childcare while you shop.

To ensure the safety of those visiting, Tinies will be operating two fixed sessions:
Monday – Saturday 09.30am – 11.00am & 11.30am – 13.00pm
Sunday 11.30am – 13.00pm & 13.30pm – 15.00pm

Children can arrive anytime within the session but must pick up promptly at the end to allow for cleaning.

In addition to this the team will be running two separate bubbles. Children who visit multiple time in a week must do so within one of the bubbles, these are:
Bubble 1 – Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
Bubble 2 – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Sessions are restricted to 16 children per session aged 3-10 years old.

All children MUST BE registered with Tinies Crèche. This will not be available on sign in and must be completed online at: tiniesdaycare.com/themarlowes


FAQ – Covid-19
What additional measure are in place?
Fixed sessions are being run during this time to allow for track and trace, these are:
Monday – Saturday 09.30am – 11.00am & 11.30am – 13.00pm
Sunday 11.30am – 13.00pm & 13.30pm – 15.00pm
Children and colleagues are grouped in bubbles to reduce the transient risk
All children and colleagues will have their temperature taken on arrival
Everyone entering the creche will be asked to sanitise their hand and then fully wash them
Enhanced cleaning of highly touched areas
Some equipment won’t be used during this time for example, soft toys, soft furnishings, playdough and malleable equipment
Anyone displaying any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 are required to remain at home and self-isolate

Is additional PPE worn by colleagues?
The Department of Education guidelines do not require the wearing of additional PPE within childcare settings so no face coverings will be worn within the main creche area. Those colleagues working on the front desk will be provided with a face shield to be worn when interacting with customers.
The only time additional PPE will be worn will be to care for a child of colleagues who has a suspected case of Covid-19

Have Tinies Team members received additional training?
Yes, all colleagues have been given specific training on our new Covid-19 policy and risk assessment by at least one of the company directors.

Can I view Tinies Covid-19 Risk Assessment?
Yes, a copy can be found on our website – www.tiniesdaycare.com

Do I need to register prior to attending?
Yes, we are asking all parents to register either at home on via their mobile phone when arriving to reduce the time spent at our front desk
Covid 19 Symptoms & Crèche Attendance
If your child becomes unwell following attendance at the crèche, you must inform us ASAP on 020 7384 8654

We would kindly ask that if any other household member displays symptoms of Covid 19, that you do not bring your child to crèche.

If your child has required Calpol (or equivalent) due to a temperature prior to attending crèche please do not bring them in for a minimum of 24hours. If the temperature continues please seek further medical advice and do not bring your child into crèche.

If your child becomes unwell whilst at crèche

If your child develops a temperature, or a cough that persists, we will take your child into the isolation area and request they be picked up.

If you are asked to collect your child this should be done within 30minutes of the phone call or at the very earliest opportunity.

You will be asked to sign the ‘Covid-19 going home letter’ that you will be issued if you are required to collect your child. This will state their reason for being sent home.

If they have a temperature, and it subsides within 24 hours, they will be allowed back to crèche, however beyond this point we ask that you self-isolate and notify the crèche as soon as possible.

If you have more than one child at crèche, and only one with symptoms, both children will need to be collected in this case and the same 24-hour guidance must be followed.

If we have a suspected case all children and colleagues who were in that session will be contacted to be made aware and kept up to date as we receive more information. At this stage there is no requirement to self-isolate, unless the case is confirmed.

If a child at the setting tests positive for Covid-19

We will defer to advice given by the Health Protection Agency & DfE. The current advice is that all children and colleagues in that bubble must self-isolate for 14days. This guidance can be superseded by new guidance by HPA and the DfE. Contact will be made with anyone who could have come in to contact with that child or colleague

Will social distancing be in place?
While waiting to book in families will be asked to wait in the designated area and adhere to social distancing.
All colleagues will adhere to social distancing between themselves and other adults.
Where possible children will be encouraged to social distance but we cannot guarantee this, as children will be able to play freely and where needed care will still be provided by our team members.